Alexandra Giese

Research Interests: Broadly speaking, I am interested in glaciology and climate science. I find the climate response of the enigmatic debris-covered glaciers in the Himalaya particularly fascinating, especially as it pertains to water supply.  Through my dissertation, I am developing a novel energy balance model for debris covered glaciers and investigating the geophysical properties of the debris layer on Changri Nup glacier (Nepal) through field-based and remote measurements. After exploring climate-related issues in the NGO world for two years, I remain interested in effective science communication and cross-discipline approaches to addressing environmental problems.

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Life Interests: Doing just about anything outside (especially rock climbing, trail running, and hiking), singing, and trying out new vegetarian recipes!

Why Dartmouth?: A small, tailored program; the IGERT fellowship; supportive faculty; fieldwork; a growing polar community; and abundant outdoor opportunities.  Dartmouth seemed to have a balance of everything I was looking for!

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