Alice M. Doughty

Academic Appointments

Visiting Scholar

I have always been interested in the natural sciences. As an undergraduate, I found the Earth sciences particularly appealing to me, in part because of the huge spatial and temporal scales but mostly because of all the unanswered questions. Through my M.Sc. in dating moraines and my Ph.D. in palaeoclimate reconstructions via numerical modelling of glaciers, I continue to pursue answers to one of the last big questions in the Earth sciences: What causes ice ages? My research often integrates multiple natural systems (e.g. climate cycles, glacier response, the biosphere, and tectonic processes) for a more complete understanding of past climatic events. I am grateful for opportunities to share my enthusiasm of this subject with others.

401 Fairchild Hall
HB 6105
BSc Earth Sciences at the University of Maine, 2002-2006
MSc Earth Sciences at the University of Maine, 2006-2008
PhD in Physical Geography at Victoria University of Wellington, 2009-2013