Evan Dethier

Research interests: In my research, I focus on short-term changes in the form and character of rivers. I am interested in the effect of flooding on rivers on human timescales: what are the immediate impacts and how does the disturbance have a legacy in the system after several years have passed? These questions lead me to investigate the changing shape of rivers, the fate of the sediment that is transported or stored on their beds, and the rapid and/or steady erosion of the hillsides that are adjacent to them. 

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Life interests: Skiing and other sports, reading, writing, and taking photos of the places I visit, especially those I get to go to as a geologist. 

Why Dartmouth: I chose Dartmouth because of the strong academic tradition, both undergrad and graduate, because of its location in New England, my home, and because the lab group I joined is studying the effects of Tropical Storm Irene in the region.

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