Biogeochemistry of Soil Systems

Soils are crucial to the health of our planet. As ecosystems, soils support terrestrial plant life and the other life, including ourselves, that depend on it. Soils are important sinks of carbon, playing an important role in the regulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate. Soil chemical processes also are important for the regulation of nutrient and toxic element concentrations in the environment. 

Affiliated Faculty

Drs. Renshaw and Feng examine the connection between these chemical processes and solute transport. Dr. Feng also examines nutrient cycling in soil organic matter, primarily using theoretical and iostopic approaches. Others (Friedland, Virginia) examine these processes at larger, ecosystem scales. More information on these and other research projects can be obtained from the sites below.

Xiahong Feng

  • Hydrochemistry and Solute Transport

Carl Renshaw

  • Contaminant Hydrology

Andrew Friedland

  • Trace Element Cycling

Ross A. Virginia

  • Biogeochemical Ecology