Geophysics and Structural Geology

Geophysics is the study of physical processes that shape the earth. Within Dartmouth Earth Sciences, faculty are involved in theoretical, experimental, and field-based geophysical studies. 

Affiliated Faculty

Leslie Sonder, the department chair, conducts research into the geophysical processes that control deformation and the development of orogenic belts. She also performs physical modeling of these processes. Brian Dade develops and applies physics-based models for the interpretation of modern and ancient sedimentary deposits. Carl Renshaw investigates the mechanisms of faulting and deep earthquakes. A full complement of laboratory equipment and computer facilities is available for this work.

Leslie Sonder

  • Geophysics

W. Brian Dade

  • Earth Surface Processes and Sediment Geophysics
  • Check out Brian's new flume!

Carl Renshaw

  • Structural Geology


Groups and Facilities

Geophysical Laboratory

  • Leslie Sonder and Carl Renshaw