Hydrology and Watershed Processes

Hydrology is the study of waters and water flow. Within the Department of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College, faculty specialize in the quantitative hydrologic models and the connection between the transport of reactive and non-reactive solutes. 

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Renshaw examines the development of fractured groundwater systems and fluid flow through them, and the hydrology and transport of contaminants. Dr. Feng uses groundwater and streamwater compositions in conjunction with stable isotopes to trace groundwater flow, and to examine the effect of emporal and spatial heterogeneity on fluid flow. Dr. Palucis examines sediment transport on Earth and Mars.

Xiahong Feng

  • Hydrochemistry and Solute Transport

Carl Renshaw

  • Contaminant Hydrology

Marisa Palucis

  • Surficial Processes and Geomorphology


Groups and Facilities

Stable Isotope Lab

Xiahong Feng

The Flume Lab

A facility led by Dr Palucis for the examination of sediment transport.

Toxic Metal Research Program

A cooperative research group including Drs. Renshaw, and Jackson in the Dept. of Earth Sciences, and faculty from biology, chemistry and the medical schools.