Isotope Geochemistry

The study of isotopes has been used extensively in geochemical research for the study of a wide variety of geological processes. 

Affiliated Faculty

The Department of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College has a number of faculty who specialize in use a variety of radiogenic and stable isotope systems. This research ranges from the study of core-mantle and crustal differentiation (Sharma), organic matter transformations (Feng), isotopes in the sedimentary record (Strauss and Leavitt), and organic geochemistry (Feng). Geochronology is also used by a number of researchers to determine the timing of major geological events (Strauss and Sharma).

Mukul Sharma

  • Mantle Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry and Marine Geochemistry

Justin Strauss

  • Geochemical Indicators of Climate and Sedimentary Petrology

Wil Leavitt

  • Geobiology

Xiahong Feng

  • Hydrochemistry and Solute Transport

Brian Jackson

  • Analytical Geochemistry


Groups and Facilities

Dartmouth Earth Sciences is well equipped for geochemical research. Here, we have several multiple inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometers and optical emission spectrometers for elemental and isotopic analyses, facilities for isotope-ratio mass spectrometry, liquid and gas chromatographs for chemical separation and speciation, facilities for mineral/petrographic spectroscopy, and a variety of general use laboratories for sample processing. We also have metal-free and clean laboratory facilities for sample preparation of ultratrace concentration materials.

Radiogenic Isotopes Lab (TIMS)

  • Mukul Sharma

Stable Isotope Laboratory

  • Xiahong Feng

Trace Elements and Analysis Core

  • Brian Jackson