Upcoming Stretch

Segments and their locations

  1. Bob Hawley heads to Banff to explore the history of both ice age and recent glaciation and their relationship with climate change.
  2. Meredith Kelly  focuses on the geology of  Glacier National Park and Bighorn Basin in Wyoming. 
  3. Devon Renock and Ed Meyer study economic geology and its environmental impacts in Montana.
  4. Carl Renshaw explores the geology of national parks from Yellowstone to Zion, stopping along the way at the Tetons, Dinosaur and Arches.
  5. W. Brian Dade studies the geology and geomorphology of the Eastern Sierra in Bishop, California.
  6. Leslie Sonder explores the Basin and Range of  Death Valley and Nevada with a focus on Geophysics.
  7. Ed Meyer introduces students to the Geology of Southern Death Valley to the Grand Canyon through GIS and Remote Sensing.