A background in earth science is unique in that it combines many fields into a unified physical science; as such, the study of earth science is a valuable addition to a variety of scientific disciplines. To address these needs, Dartmouth offers a major in earth sciences and environmental earth sciences. These programs are intended to provide a background in earth sciences sufficient for graduate work or employment in the field. Degrees may also be modified with earth sciences to provide a specific and unified course of study. For example, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and environmental studies may be modified with earth sciences.

More Information

The Modified Major

Information about the modified major can be found on the ORC site.

Requirements and Additional Courses

The courses described in the ORC are those required for graduation in earth sciences. It is strongly recommended that geology majors also complete courses in writing skills. For those planning to pursue graduate programs in the earth sciences, differential equations (Mathematics 23) and completion of the introductory physics and chemistry series, and additional courses in computer science, mathematics, statistics, physical chemistry, and biology are strongly recommended. These courses provide a solid basis for advanced research and courses in earth science. In fact, communication and quantitative skills are invaluable regardless of your chosen profession.