Carl E. Renshaw

Professor of Earth Sciences

Personal Website
HB 6105
Earth Sciences
B.A. Carleton College
M.A. Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Stanford University

Selected Publications

deLemos, J L, B C Bostick, C E Renshaw, S Stürup, and X Feng, “Arsenic Contamination Caused by Groundwater Remediation,” Environmental Science and Technology , 40:1, (2006) 67-73.

Renshaw, C E, B C Bostick, C K Wong, et al., “Impact of Land Disturbance on the Fate of Arsenical Pesticides in Orchard Soils,” Journal of Environmental Quality, 35 (2006) 61-67.

Renshaw, C E, and E M Schulson, “Plastic Faulting: Brittle-like Failure Under High Confinement,” Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth , 109:B9 (September 2004) B09207.

Taylor, H A, C E Renshaw and E Choi, “The Effect of Multiple Formats On Understanding Complex Visual Displays,” Journal of Geoscience Education , 52:1 (2004) 115-121.

Renshaw, C E, T A Myse, and S R Brown, “Role of Heterogeneity in Elastic Properties and Layer Thickness in the Jointing of Layered Sedimentary Rocks,” Geophysical Research Letters , 30:24 (December 2003) 2295.