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    Richard “Dick” W. Birnie, 71, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences passed away Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Dick was a vital member of the department for many years.  He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. A memorial service for Dick will be held Saturday,  November  19, 2016 at 1 pm in the Rollins Chapel at Dartmouth College. Reception to follow at Top of Hop

    Please enjoy a few comments from those who knew Dick.

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  • Ice Loss Accelerating in Greenland’s Coastal Glaciers, Dartmouth Study Finds 

    HANOVER, N.H. – April 28, 2016 – Surface meltwater draining through and underneath Greenland’s tidewater glaciers is accelerating their loss of ice mass, according to a Dartmouth study that sheds light on the relationship between meltwater and subglacial discharge.


  • Online recruitment fair for potential graduate students:  Wednesday, November 18, 1-3pm EST.   Find out more at


  • A Dartmouth-led study using a 600-year-old ice core shows that global mercury pollution increased dramatically during the 20th century, but that mercury concentrations in the atmosphere decreased faster than previously thought beginning in the late 1970s.


    CRREL research chemist Sam Beal, PhD ’14, conducted the mercury research as a graduate student in Dartmouth’s Department of Earth Sciences. (Photo courtesy of Sam Beal, PhD ’14)

    The study, conducted by Assistant...

  • To help answer a reader’s question posed on The New York Times “Ask Well” column about the levels of arsenic found in rice vinegar and rice crackers, the newspaper’s Deborah Blum turns to Dartmouth’s Brian Jackson for his expertise on the subject.

    “The question for everyone is, ‘Do I worry?’ ” says Jackson, a research associate professor of earth sciences and director of the Trace Metal Analysis Core Facility...

  • Thanks for turning out! We had over 60 alumni and friends in 2014. We hope to see you again in 2015.

  • Thanks to all those who attended the 2014 reunion. Our next 10 year alumni reunion will be in 2024!

  • Joseph Blumberg

    Professor Carl Renshaw and 11 students just completed an unanticipated venture into the flood-ravaged canyons of Boulder, Colo. This was a detour in their 10-week off-campus odyssey known as “the Stretch.” Their original destination—the national parks—had been rendered inaccessible by the Federal government shutdown.

    In a...

  • In a story about arsenic and whether any level of the naturally occurring element might be safe to ingest, Discover magazine speaks with a number of Dartmouth scientists who’ve done research on arsenic in drinking water and in food products.

    The scientists include Research Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Brian Jackson, who led a study that found trace levels of the carcinogen in baby food that had...

  • Bloomberg writes about a study linking above-normal amounts of naturally occurring radiation in a Pennsylvania creek to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the area of the creek, which flows into the Allegheny River.

    The study, co-authored by Dartmouth’s Nathaniel Warner when he was at Duke University, was published this week in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, Bloomberg notes.

    “While earlier studies have...