Selected Publications

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James Louis Aronson

Aronson, J.L., Million, H., Savin., S.M., Hominid enviroments at Hadar from paleosol studies in a framework of Ethiopian climate change., Journal of Human Evolution., 2008 1-19 doi 10.1016/j.jhevol.2008.04.0004

Altaner, S.P., Ylagan, R.F., Savin, S.M., Aronson, J.L., Belkin, H.E., and Pozzuoli, A., 2003, Geothermometry, geochronology, and mass transfer associated with hydrothermal alteration of a rhyolitic hyaloclastite from Ponza Island, Italy: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 67, p. 275-288.

Aronson, J. (prefacer), and Bish, D.L.(prefacer), 2002, Reynolds commemorative volume [modified]: American Mineralogist, v. 87, p. 1517-1740.

Hailemichael, M., Aronson, J.L., Savin, S., Tevesz, M.J.S., and Carter, J.G., 2002, delta (super 18) O in mollusk shells from Pliocene Lake Hadar and modern Ethiopian lakes; implications for history of the Ethiopian monsoon: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 186, p. 81-99.

Giday WoldeGabriel, Fraser Goff, and James Aronson, 2001, Mineralogy and K-Ar geochronology of mixed-layer illite/smectite from the Geysers coring project, Califonia, USA, 2001, Geothermics, 30 , p193-210.

Aronson, J L, X Feng, A Faiia, G. WoldeGabriel, M, Poage and C P Chamberlain, “Oxygen Isotope Studies of Clays and Cliniptilolite from Yucca Mountain: Implications for Paleohydrology,” Earth and Planetary Science Letter , 171 (1999) 95-106.

G. WoldeGabriel, R.C.Walter, W.K.Hart, J.L.Aronson and S.A. Mertzman, Temporal relations and geochemical features of felsic volcanism in the central sector of the Main Ethiopian Rift, 1999, Acta Vulcanologica, 11 ,p.53-67.

Kimbel, W.H., Walter, R.C., Johanson, D.C., Reed, K.E., Aronson, J.L. et al., 1996, Late Pliocene Homo and Oldowan Tools from the Hadar Formation (Kada Hadar Member), Ethiopia, Journal of Human Evolution, 31, 549-561.

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Dick Birnie

Bryant, E.S., Birnie, R.W., and Kimball, K.D., 1993, Practical method of mapping forest change over time using Landsat MSS data: A case study from Central Maine: Proceedings of 25th International Symposium, Remote Sensing a Global Environmental Change, April 4-8, 1993, Graz, Austria, Vol. II. p. 469-480. 

Bammel, B.H. and Birnie, R.W., 1994, Spectral reflectance response of big sagebrush to hydrocarbon-induced stress in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing. v.60, p. 87-96.

Bammel, B.H., Chamberlain, C.Page, and Birnie, R.W., 1994, Stable isotope evidence of vertical hydrocarbon microseepage, Little Buffalo Basin Oil Field, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: Association of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationists, v.10, p. 1-23.

Wallace D., Birnie, R. W., and Gailits, E., 1997, Eyes On The Earth: Digital Filters: a 31 minute Videotape on the use of digital filters to enhance satellite data and their implications in art and math, Mathematics across the Curriculum, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

Miller, A.B., Bryant, E.S., and Birnie, R.W., 1998, An analysis of land cover changes in the Northern Forest of New England using multitemporal Landsat MSS data: International Journal of Remote Sensing, v. 19, no 2, p. 245-266.

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Jonathan Chipman

Jonathan Chipman

Heindel, R.C., J.W. Chipman, J.T. Dietrich, and R.A. Virginia.  2018.  Quantifying rates of soil deflation with Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry in West Greenland.  Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, special issue on Environmental Change and Impacts in the Kangerlussuaq Area, West Greenland (in press).

Chipman, J., X. Shi, F. Magilligan, Y. Chen, and B. Li.  2016.  Impacts of land cover change and water management practices on the Tarim and Konqi river systems, Xinjiang, China.  Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 0001;10(4):046020.  doi:10.1117/1.JRS.10.046020.

Lillesand, T., R. Kiefer, and J. Chipman. 2015. Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, 7th edition. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ. 720 p. plus online materials.

Heindel, R., J. Chipman, and R. Virginia. 2015. The Spatial Distribution and Ecological Impacts of Aeolian Soil Erosion in Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland.  Annals of the Association of American Geographers, doi: 10.1080/00045608.2015.1059176.

Caller T., J. Chipman, N. Field, and E. Stommel. 2013. A spatial analysis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in northern New England, USA, 1997-2009. Muscle and Nerve, 48(2):235-41. doi: 10.1002/mus.23761.

Chipman, J., R. Wright, M. Ellis, and S. Holloway. 2012. Mapping the evolution of racially mixed and segregated neighborhoods in Chicago. Journal of Maps, 15 Nov 2012 special issue on Innovative Mapping in Spatial Demography, DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2012.740431.

Chipman, J., L. Olmanson, and A. Gitelson. 2009. Remote sensing methods for lake management. North American Lake Management Society, Madison, WI.

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William Brian Dade

William Brian Dade

Curtis, K. E., C.E. Renshaw, F.J. Magilligan and W.B. Dade. 2010.

Temporal and spatial scales of geomorphic adjustments to reduced competency following flow regulation in bedload dominated systems. Geomorphology. ( in press ).Hamm , N., W. B Dade, C. E. Renshaw. 2010.

Hamm , N., W. B Dade, C. E. Renshaw. 2010. Deposition of fine particles to an initially-starved bed. Sedimentology 56:1976-1991.

Geomorphic evolution of a barrier island reflects history of natural sediment supply and human intervention in Taiwan . J. Coastal Research 26:53-58 .Haehnel, R.B. and W.B Dade. 2009. Physics of particle entrainment under the influence of an impinging jet. Proc. Army Science Conference, Dec 1-4, 2008, Orlando , FL.

Haehnel, R.B. & W.B Dade. 2009. Physics of particle entrainment under the influence of an impinging jet. Proc. Army Science Conference, Dec 1-4, 2008, Orlando , FL.

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Xiahong Feng

Xiahong Feng

Lee J., X. Feng , A.M. Faiia, E.S. Posmentier, R. Osterhuber, J.W. Kirchner (2010) Isotopic evolution of snowmelt: A new model incorporating mobile and immobile water. Water Resources Research, 46, W11512, doi:10.1029/2009WR00830.

Lee J., X. Feng , A.M. Faiia, E.S. Posmentier, J.W. Kirchner, R. Osterhuber, S. Taylor (2010) Evolution of the isotopic composition of an alpine snow cover and its melt by isotopic exchange between liquid and ice, Chemical Geology, 270, 126-134.

Feng, X. , A. M. Faiia, and E. S. Posmentier (2009), Seasonality of isotopes in precipitation: A global perspective, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmosphere, 114, D08116, doi:10.1029/2008JD011279.

Lee, J., Feng, X. , Posmentier, E.S., Faiia A.M. and Taylor S. (2009) Stable isotopic exchange rate constant between snow and liquid water. Chemical Geology , 260, 57-62.

Shu , Y., Feng, X. , Posmentier, E.S., Faiia, A.M., Ayres, M.P., Conkey L.E. and Sonder L.J. (2008) Isotopic studies of leaf water 2. Between-age isotopic variations in pine needles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72, 5189-5200.

Shu , Y., Feng, X. Posmentier, E.S., Sonder L.J., Faiia, A.M. and Yakir, D. (2008) Isotopic studies of leaf water 1. A physically based two-dimensional model for pine needles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72, 5175-5188.

Lee, J., Nez, V., Feng, X. , Kirchner, J.W., Osterhuber, R., Renshaw, C.E. (2008) A study of solute redistribution and transport in seasonal snowpack using natural and artificial tracers. Journal of Hydrology , 357 (3-4), 243-254.

Wang, G., Feng, X. , Han, J., Zhou, L., Tan, W. and Su, F. (2008) Paleovegetation reconstruction using d 13 C of soil organic matter. Biogeosciences , 5, 1325-1337.

Shu, Y., Feng, X. , Posmentier, E.S., Faiia, A.M., Ayres, M.P., Conkey L.E. and Sonder L.J. (2008) Isotopic studies of leaf water 2. Between-age isotopic variations in pine needles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72, 5189-5200.

Shu, Y., Feng, X. Posmentier, E.S., Sonder L.J., Faiia, A.M. and Yakir, D. (2008) Isotopic studies of leaf water 1. A physically based two-dimensional model for pine needles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72, 5175-5188.

Lee, J., Feng, X. , Posmentier, E.S., Faiia, A.M., Osterhuber, R., Kirchner J.W. (2008) Modeling of solute transport in snow using conservative tracers and artificial rain-on-snow experiments, Water Resources Research , 44, W02411, doi:10.1029/2006WR005477.

Feng, X. , Reddington, A.L., Faiia, A.M., Posmentier, E.S., Shu Y., and Xu, X. (2007) Changes in North American atmospheric circulation patterns indicated by wood cellulose, Geology , 35(2), 163-166, doi: 10.1130/G22884A.1.

Lennon *, J.T. Faiia, A.M. Feng, X., Cottingham, K.L. (2006) Evidence for CO 2 recycling in lakes along a terrestrial carbon gradient, Limnology and Oceanography, 51(4), 1602-1613.

Liu, W., Feng, X., Ning, Y., Zhang, Q., Cao, Y., and An, Z. (2005) d 13C variation of C 3 and C 4 plants across an Asian monsoon rainfall gradient in arid northwestern China, Global Change Biology, 11, 1094-1100.

Shu *, Y., Feng, X., Gazis, C., Anderson, D. Faiia *, A.M., Tang *, K., Ettl, G.J. (2005) Relative humidity recorded in tree rings: a study along a precipitation gradient in the Olympic Mountains, Geochimica et Comochimica Acta, 69, 791-799.

Feng, X. , J W Kirchner, and C Neal (2004) Measuring Catchment-scale Chemical Retardation Using Spectral Analysis of Reactive and Passive Chemical Tracer Time Series. Journal of Hydrology, 292 (2004) 296-307.

Feng, X. (2002) A theoretical analysis of carbon isotope evolution of decomposing plant litters and soil organic matter. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 16(4), Art. No.1119, doi:10.1029/2002GB001867.

Kirchner, J.W., Feng X. and Neal, C. (2000) Fractal stream chemistry and its implication for contaminant transport in catchments. Nature, 403, 524-527.

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Andrew J. Friedland

Dean, C., J. Kirkpatrick and A.J. Friedland. 2017. Conventional intensive logging does not maintain soil organic carbon. Global Change Biology 23:1-11.

Richardson, J.B. and A.J. Friedland. 2016. Effect of coniferous and deciduous vegetation on major and trace metals in forests of northern New England, USA. Plant and Soil 402:363-378.

Petrenko, C.L., J. Bradley-Cook, E. Lacroix, A.J. Friedland and R.A. Virginia. 2016. Mineral soil carbon and nitrogen storage in graminoid- versus shrub-dominated soils of Western Greenland. Arctic Science 2:165-182. doi: 10.1139/AS-2015-0023.

Petrenko, C.L. and A.J. Friedland. 2015.  Mineral soil carbon pool responses to forest clearing in Northeastern hardwood forests. Global Change Biology-Bioenergy 7:1283-1293. doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12221

Richardson, J.B., J.H. Görres, B.P. Jackson and A.J. Friedland. 2015.Trace metals and metalloids in forest soils and exotic earthworms in northern New England, USA. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 85:190-198.

Richardson, J.B. and A.J. Friedland. 2015. Mercury in coniferous and deciduous upland forests in northern New England, USA: implications of climate change. Biogeosciences 12:6737-6749.

Friedland, A.J. and R. Relyea. Friedland and Relyea Environmental Science for AP*, Second Edition. New York: W.H. Freeman. 2015. 762 pages.

Vario, C.L., Neurath, R. and A.J. Friedland.  2014.  Response of mineral soil carbon to clear-cutting in a northern hardwood forest. Soil Science Society of America Journal 78:309-318.

Richardson, J.B., A.J. Friedland, J.M. Kaste, and B.P. Jackson.  2014.  Forest floor lead changes from 1980-2011 and accumulation in the mineral soil across the northeastern United States. Journal of Environmental Quality 43:926-935.

Buchholz, T., A. J. Friedland, C.E. Hornig, W.S. Keeton, G. Zanchi and J. Nunery. 2014.  Mineral soil carbon fluxes in forests and implications for carbon balance assessment. Global Change Biology-Bioenergy 6:305-311. DOI: 10.1111/gcbb.12044

Richardson, J.B., A.J. Friedland, J.M. Kaste, T.R. Engerbretson, and B.P. Jackson. 2013.  Spatial and vertical distribution of mercury in upland forest soils across the northeastern United States. Environmental Pollution 182:127-134. DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2013.07.011

Friedland, A.J., R. Relyea, and D. Courard-Hauri. Essentials of Environmental Science . New York: W.H. Freeman. 2012. 403 pages.

Zummo, L.M. and A.J. Friedland.  2011.  Soil carbon release along a gradient of physical disturbance in a harvested northern hardwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management 261:1016-1026.

Friedland, A.J. and K.T. Gillingham. 2010. Carbon accounting a tricky business (letter). Science 327:410-411.

Friedland, A.J., C.L. Folt, Writing Successful Science Proposals , Second Edition (2009). Yale University Press.

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Robert L. Hawley

Robert L. Hawley

* Kehrl, L. M., R. L. Hawley , R. D. Powell, and J. B-Grette. In Press. Glacimarine sedimentation processes atKronebreen and Kongsvegen Glaciers, Svalbard . Journal of Glaciology.

Hawley, R.L ., E.D. Waddington. 2011. In-Situ Measurements of Firn Compaction Profiles Using BoreholeOptical Stratigraphy. Journal of Glaciology, 57(202), 289-294.

* M. R. Siegfried, R. L. Hawley , and J. F. Burkhart. 2011. High-resolution ground-based GPS measurements showinter-campaign bias in ICESat elevation data . IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 49(10).

Hawley, R.L. , A.P. Shepherd, R. Cullen, V. Helm, and D. Wingham. 2009. Ice-Sheet elevations from across-track processing of airborne interferometrioc radar altimetry. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L22501, doi:10.1029/2009GL040416.

Hawley, R.L. , E.M. Morris, and J.R. McConnell. 2008. Rapid techniques for determining annual accumulation applied at Summit, Greenland. Journal of Glaciology . 54 (188), 839-846.

Brandt, Ola, R.L. Hawley , J. Kohler, J.O. Hagen, E.M. Morris, T. Dunse, J.B.T. Scott, and T. Eiken. 2008. Comparison of airborne radar altimeter and ground-based Ku-band radar measurements on the ice cap Austfonna, Svalbard. The Cryosphere . 2 , 777-810.

Hawley, R.L. , Ola Brandt, E.M. Morris, Jack Kohler, Andrew P. Shepherd, Duncan J. Wingham. 2008. Techniques for measuring high-resolution firn desntiy profiles: case study from Kongsvegen, Svalbard. Journal of Glaciology . 54 (186), 463-468.

Hawley, R L , and E M Morris, “Borehole Optical Stratigraphy and Neutron-scattering density measurements at Summit, Greenland,” Journal of Glaciology , 52:179 (2006) 491-496.

Bay, R C, N E Bramall, P B Price, G D Glow, R L Hawley , R Udisti, and E Castellano, “Globally Synchronous Ice Core Volcanic Tracers and Abrupt Cooling during the Last Glacial Period,” Journal of Geophysical Research , 111 (2006) D11108.

Hawley, R L , E M Morris, R Cullen, U Nixdorf, A P Shepherd, and D Wingham, “ASIRAS Airborne Radar Resolves Internal Annual Layers in the Dry-snow Zone of Greenland,” Geophysical Research Letters , 33 (2006) L04502.

Hawley, R L, E D Waddington, G L Lamorey, and K C Taylor, “Vertical-strain Measurements in Firn at Siple Dome, Antarctica,” Journal of Glaciology , 50:170 (2004) 447-452.

Hawley, R L , E D Waddington, R B Alley, and K C Taylor, “Annual Layers in Polar Firn Detected by Borehole Optical Stratigraphy,” Geophysical Research Letters , 30:15 (2003).

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Brian Jackson

Jackson, BP. 2015.  Fast Ion Chromatography-ICP-QQQ for arsenic speciation. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy.  30(6):1405-1407.


Buckman KL, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Taylor VF, Chalmers A, Broadley HJ, Agee J, Jackson BP, Chen CY. 2015. Influence of a chlor-alkali Superfund site on mercury bioaccumulation in periphyton and Low-trophic level fauna. Environ Toxicol Chem. 34(7),1649-1658.

Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P, Siegfried, M. Francesconi, K., Kirshtein, J. Voytek, M. 2012. Multiple Arsenic speciation and cycling in food chains from mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents. Environmental Chemistry, 9(2):130-138.


Jackson,B.P., Liba, A., Nelson, J. 2015. Advantages of reaction cell ICP-MS on doubly charged interferences for arsenic and selenium analysis in foods.  Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy.  (30), 1179-1183.


Beal, S.A., Kelly, M.A., Stroup, J.S., Jackson, B.P., Lowell, T.V., Tapia, P.M., 2014. Natural and anthropogenic variations in atmospheric mercury deposition during the Holocene near Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 28,4, 437-450.

Davis, M.A., Li, Z. Gilbert Diamond., D., Mackenzie, T.A., Cottingham, K.L., Jackson, B.P., Lee, J.S., Baker, E.R., Marsit, C.J., Karagas, M.R. 2014, Infant toenails as a biomarker of in utero arsenic exposure. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Sep:24(5):467-473.

Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. 2012. Arsenic, Organic foods and Brown Rice Syrup. Environmental Health Perspectives.  120(5):623-626.

Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. (2012) Arsenic concentration and speciation in infant formulas and first foods. Pure and Applied Chemistry 84: 215-224.

Chen, C.Y.,  Kamman, N., Williams J., Bugge, D. Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P., Miller E. 2012. Spatial and temporal variation in mercury bioaccumulation by zooplankton in Lake Champlain (North America), Environmental Pollution, 161: 343-349.

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Gary D. Johnson

Adams, K and G D Johnson, “Tidal? rhythmites of the Late Wisconsinan Champlain Sea,” Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs , vol. 38. no. 2 (2006) 29.

Adams, K. E., Johnson, G. D., and E. S. Posmentier, (2007), "Tidal record preserved in marginal sediments of the Late Wisconsinan Champlain Sea," Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 1, p. 91

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Adams, K and G D Johnson, “The Parataxonomic Implications of a South Asian Ratite Record: Eggshell Morphology and Faunal Sequence,” Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs , Annual Meeting Nov. 7-10, 2004 vol 36. no. 5 (2004) 423.

Kvale, E P, D M Mickelson, G D Johnson, and S Hasiotis, “The History of Dinosaur Footprint Discoveries in Wyoming, with Emphasis on the Bighorn Basin,” S. G. Pemberton, (ed.) A special volume to commemorate the contributions of W.A. S. Sarjeant, Ichnos , vol. 11 (2005) 3-9.

Johnson, G D, reprinted (2008) “Geochronology: The Interpretation and Dating of the Geological Record – Introduction. Study of the Rock Record (in part),” Encyclopaedia Britannica , Macropaedia, vol. 19 (2002) 748-755.

Kvale, E.P., G.D. Johnson, D.L. Mickelson, K. Keller, L.C.Furer, and A. W. Archer, (2001). "Middle Jurassic (Bajocian and Bathonian) dinosaur megatracksites, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.," Palaeos. v. 16, no. 3, pp. 233-254.

Kvale, E.P., S. T. Hasiotis, D.L. Mickelson and G.D. Johnson, (2001), "Middle and Late Jurassic dinosaur fossil-bearing horizons: Implications for dinosaur paleoecology, northeastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming," in C.L. Hill, ed., Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleontology in the Western Plains and Rocky Mountains, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology - 61st Annual Meeting, Bozeman, MT, October, 2001, Guidebook for the field trips. Museum of the Rockies Occasional Paper No. 3, pp. 15-46.

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Pivnik, D.A. and G.D. Johnson, (1995). "Depositional response to Plio-Pleistocene foreland partitioning in northwest Pakistan." Geol. Soc. America Bulletin, v. 107, no. 8, pp. 895-922.

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Meredith A. Kelly

Meredith A. Kelly

Kelly, M A, T V Lowell, B L Hall, J M Schaefer, R C Finkel, B M Goehring, R B Alley, and G H Denton, “A 10Be Chronology of Lateglacial and Holocene Mountain Glaciation in the Scoresby Sund Region, East Greenland: Implications for Seasonality During Lateglacial Time,” Quaternary Science Reviews , 27: 25-26 (2008) 2273-2282.

Lowell, T V, and M A Kelly, “CLIMATE: Was the Younger Dryas Global?,” Science 321:5887 (2008) 348-349.

Kelly, M A, S Ivy-Ochs, P W Kubik, F von Blanckenburg, and C Schlüchter, “Chronology of Deglaciation based on 10Be Dates of Glacial Erosional Features in the Grimsel Pass Region, Central Swiss Alps,” Boreas , 35:4 (2006) 634-643.

Preusser, F, C Schlüchter, R Drescher-Schneider, S Ivy-Ochs, and M A Kelly, Comment on ‘First Evidence of “in-situ” Eemian Sediments on the High Plateau of Evian (Northern Alps, France): Implications for the Chronology of the Last Glaciation’, Quaternary Science Reviews , 25 (2006) 645-647.

Kelly, M A, P W Kubik, F von Blanckenburg, and C Schlüchter, “Surface Exposure Dating of the Great Aletsch Glacier Egesen Moraine System, Western Swiss Alps, using the Cosmogenic Nuclide 10Be,” Journal of Quaternary Science , 19:5 (2004) 431-441.

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Daniel E. Lawson

Wiles, G.C., Lawson, D.E., Moss, M.B., Howell, W., Wiesenberg, N. and Fetters, C., 2018, Tree ring dating, glacier dynamics, and Tlingit ethnographic histories of Little Ice Age environmental change in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Annals of Geography, In revision.

Lachniet, M.S., Lawson, D.E., Stephen, H., Sloat, A.R. and Patterson, W.P., 2016, Isoscapes of d18O and d2H reveal climatic forcings on Alaska and Yukon precipitation, Water Resources Res., 52, doi:10.1002/2016WR019436

Vasil’chuk, Y.K., Lawson, D. E. and Yoshikawa, K., 2016. Stable Isotopes in the closed-system Weather Pingo, Alaska and Pestsovoye Pingo, northwestern Siberia. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 128, 13 - 21.

Horton, J.M., Wiles, G.C., Lawson, D.E., Appleton, S.N., Wilch, J. and Wiesenberg, N., 2016, Tree ring dated glacial history for the First Millennium CE Casement Glacier and Adams Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA: Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 48 (2): 253-261.

Larson, G., Lawson, D.E., Menzies, J. and Evenson, E.B. 2016. Micro- and macro-sedimentology of a modern meltout till, Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, USA.Boreas,45(2): 235-251.           

Stearns, L.A., Hamilton, G.S., van der Veen, C.J., Lawson, D.E., Finnegan, D.F., O’Neel, S., and Scheick, J., 2015. Glaciological and marine geological controls on terminus dynamics of Hubbard Glacier, southeast Alaska. Jour. Geophysical Res., DOI: 10.1002/2014JF003341

Jarvis, S. K., Wiles, G.C., Appleton, S.N., D’Arrigo, R.D. and Lawson, D.E., 2013, A warming-induced biome shift detected in tree growth of Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana (Bong.) Carrière) along the Gulf of Alaska. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 45, DOI 10.1657/1938-4246-45.2.

Goff, J. A., Lawson, D. E., Willems, B.A., Davis, M. and Gulick, S. P. S. 2012. Morainal bank progradation and sediment accumulation in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska: Response to advancing Hubbard Glacier, Jour. Geophysical Res., 117, F02031, doi:10.1029/2011JF002312

Lachniet, M.S., Lawson, D.E. and Sloat, A.R. 2012. Revised 14C dating of ice wedge growth in interior Alaska to MIS2 reveals cold paleoclimate and carbon recycling in ancient permafrost terrain. Quaternary Research, 78:217-225, doi:10.1016/j.yqres.2012.05.007.

Wiles, G.C., Mennett, C., Jarvis, S.K., Lawson, D. and D’Arrigo, R., 2012, Decline in Alaskan Yellow-Cedar: tree-ring investigations into climatic responses and possible causes: Glacier Bay, Alaska: Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 42: 1–6, doi:10.1139/X2012-028

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Kevin J. Peterson

Kevin J. Peterson

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Devon Renock

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Carl E. Renshaw

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Mukul Sharma

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Leslie Jean Sonder

Leslie Jean Sonder

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Justin V. Strauss

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