Graduate Student Resources

There are many resources at Dartmouth to support graduate students, including writing and teaching support, professional development training, career services, and research or conference funding. The support provided by the Department of Earth Sciences is outlined in the Workplace Policy Handbook (PDF).


The Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies provides a number of resources to graduate students, many of which are listed on the website and in an online newsletter from the Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs sent a couple times a week that outlines upcoming and current workshops and opportunities. When you are looking for academic help, it is often good to start by asking other graduate students, as most of the time there is someone who can help point you in the right direction! 

Some additional useful resources at Dartmouth include:


  • Career Services - through Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, includes help with CV and Resume writing and individual consultation on career paths and job search
  • The Department of Earth Sciences has a large alumni network (see Alumni tab on left). Individual alumni are commonly thrilled to engage with current and future Earth Science students. Reach out to faculty or other department members to get more information about potential opportunities to connect with these alumni!


There are a large number of external funding opportunities outside of the Department of Earth Sciences or Dartmouth College. Below, is a non-exhaustive list of graduate student funding opportunities – please speak with your advisor about these opportunities and whether or not it makes sense to apply!

The Earth Institute at Columbia University also has an extensive list of additional opportunities listed here.