So you think you might want to do a senior or Honors thesis in Earth Sciences?  The beginning of your junior year is not too early to begin thinking about one!  Read on to find out how to go about deciding a topic, getting academic credit, getting funding, and completing the thesis.


Honors or senior thesis?

All Earth Sciences Majors are encouraged to do a senior thesis.  Doing one is a way of fulfilling the culminating experience requirement for a Dartmouth undergraduate degree (though there are also other ways, via EARS 87 or 88).  A thesis may, in addition, make you eligible for graduating with Honors or High Honors in Earth Sciences.  Download this PDF to read more about thesis guidelines and procedures for both the senior and Honors theses.

Work on your thesis often begins during the junior year, but the bulk of the work is completed in the course EARS 89 during the senior year.  The specific requirements are outlined in the ORC.