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  • Pre-Mississippian stratigraphy and provenance of the North Slope subterrane of Arctic Alaska I

    Justin V. Strauss, Francis A. Macdonald, William C. McClelland

    Circum-Arctic Structural Events. Geological Society of America Special Paper, 541;

  • Proteomic and Isotopic Response of Desulfovibrio vulgaris to DsrC Perturbation

    William D. Leavitt, Sofia S. Venceslau, Jacob Waldbauer, Derek A. Smith, Inês A. Cardoso Pereira, et al.

    Frontiers in Microbiology, 10;

  • Rethinking Craig and Gordon's approach to modeling isotopic compositions of marine boundary layer vapor

    Xiahong Feng, Eric S. Posmentier, Leslie J. Sonder, Naixin Fan

    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19(6);

  • Intense Granular Sheetflow in Steep Streams

    Marisa C. Palucis, Tom Ulizio, Brian Fuller, Michael P. Lamb

    Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (11);


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