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  • Recent Accumulation Variability in Northwest Greenland from GPR and Shallow Cores Along the Greenland Inland Traverse.

    Robert L. Hawley, Z. R. Courville, L. M. Kehrl, E. R. Lutz, Erich Osterberg, Thomas Overly, Gifford Wong

    Journal of Glaciology. 60(220), 60, doi: 10.3189/2014JoG13J141

  • A ten-year record of supraglacial lake evolution and rapid drainage in West Greenland using an automated processing algorithm fo

    Morriss, B. F., Robert L. Hawley, J. W. Chipman, L. C. Andrews, G. A. Catania, M. J. Hoffman, M. P. Lüthi, and T. A. Neumann

    The Cryosphere 7 1767-1877. doi:10.5194/tc-7-1869- 2013


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