Joanmarie Del Vecchio

Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow and a geomorphologist who uses computational tools to transform field observations and remotely sensed data to study landscape response to changing climate. I integrate topographic, climate and vegetation data from high latitudes to find signatures of permafrost processes and thaw on the landscape and consequences for sediment and carbon release. In my doctoral work, I explored how permafrost thaw in ancient Appalachia and Alaska controlled landscape form and erosion rates. I look forward to connecting records of past permafrost processes to understanding ongoing landscape change and vice versa. I also look forward to developing curricula that promote interdisciplinary and inclusive investigations of Earth's surface. At home I brew kombucha and sew things, though fermentation seems more forgiving of imprecise measurements than collared shirts. Pronouns she/her.


HB 6105