Department of Earth Sciences statement on President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord

We, the undersigned (72) members of the Department of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College, strongly support the Paris (Climate) Agreement and urge the United States government to commit to limiting greenhouse gas emissions and containing global warming to below 2°C.  As scientists who study the evidence of and mechanisms for climate change, as well as predictions for future change based on different scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions, we stress the need to limit greenhouse gas emissions immediately to minimize detrimental effects of climate change including protracted global temperature rise, more extreme storms, and higher sea level.  By limiting its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement, the United States decreases the risks associated with climate change and positions itself to capitalize on opportunities presented by the long-term (since the mid-1800s) decarbonization of global energy production.

We are proud that Dartmouth College on April 22, 2017 released a “Sustainability Road Map” and committed itself to limiting its greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals set in the Paris Agreement.  We commend President Hanlon in signing the “Affirmation of Leading Research Universities’ Commitment to Progress on Climate Change” on June 5, 2017.  We urge Dartmouth to join the group of states, municipalities, businesses and universities ( that will actively engage with the international community to ensure that the emissions standards set in the Paris Agreement are met.  We also encourage Dartmouth to promote research and education related to climate, energy and the environment, and to conduct outreach with local, state and national leaders.

June 21st, 2017

Earth Sciences Faculty and Research Faculty (Unanimous support):

Xiahong Feng

Robert L. Hawley

Brian P. Jackson

Meredith A. Kelly

William D. Leavitt

Erich C. Osterberg

Marisa C. Palucis

Devon J. Renock

Carl E. Renshaw

Mukul Sharma

Leslie J. Sonder

Justin V. Strauss


Earth Sciences Emeritus Faculty:

Gary D. Johnson


Earth Sciences Adjunct Faculty:

Francis J. Magilligan

Jonathan M. Winter


Earth Sciences Research Faculty and Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Visiting Faculty:

Ying Cui

Alice M. Doughty

Adriana E. Raudzens Bailey

David G. Ferris

Jennifer A. Howley

Bess G. Koffman

Joshua D. Landis

Daniel E. Lawson

Edward E. Meyer

Eric S. Posmentier

Vivien F. Taylor


Earth Sciences Staff:

Griffin W. Shumway


Earth Sciences Graduate Students:

Livia B. Capaldi

Evan N. Dethier

Lauren B. Farnsworth

Alexandra L. Giese

Ruth Heindel

Huanping Huang

Margaret S. Jackson

Keith M. Kantack

Ben G. Kopec

Gabe Lewis

Mackenzie K. Marti

Jessica McDaniel

Danielle J. Niu

Maura C. O’Brien

Bingjie Ouyang

Trevor F. Partridge

Ji-Hye Seo

Dominic A. Winski

Virginia T. Wala

Alice Zhou


Earth Sciences Undergraduate Students:

Elena E. Bird

Cameron C. Buxton

Victor M. Cabrera

Connor J. Clark

Ana M. Colon

Julianne T. DeAngelo

Janel H. Gaube

Francesca C. Governali

Ursula A. Jongebloed

Tyler D. Kelsall

JoRee V. LaFrance

Julia Liu

Erin A. McConnell

Scott C. Ortlip

Joshua Perez

Cara R. Piske

David Polashenski

Daniel J. Propp

Ethan T. Putnam

Ian A. Raphael

Emma C. Rieb

Rachel R. Rubin

Katherine M. Salamido

Loring Schaible

Mariana J. Webb