EARS Summer Newsletter - ROX


research equipment strung on sled in Greenland

The ROX newsletter is an old tradition here in Earth Sciences and we've ressurrected and improved the newsletter.

Read the newsletter in full (PDF)

In this issue:

- Greetings from Greenland
- New EARS Folks & In the News
- One Day on the Stretch
- Q/A with C. Brenhin Keller
- Q/A with Sarah Slotznick
- Q/A with Mathieu Morlighem
- Awards, Defenses and More News
- Covid Coping with Hobbies & Pets

ROX is a collaborative effort among faculty, staff and graduate students, and undergraduates but henceforth our graduate student body will be taking the lead. This summer edition was created and edited over many months. We hope to get the newsletter out twice a year.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped contribue to the contents of this newsletter. In particular, graduate students Tianran Zhang and Laura Blum (since graduated) helped get these contents together.