Imaging and Petrography Labs

The Department of Earth Sciences has a full suite of teaching- and research-grade microscopes for the investigation of Earth materials. 

Teaching Microscopes

  • Seven Nikon E200 POL microscopes with upper and lower polarizers, accessory wave plates, and multiple objectives (usually 3x, 10x and 40x). 
  • One Nikon E200 POL microscope similar to above but with reflected light capabilities and a digital camera mounted on a trinocular head. 
  • Five Leica EZ4D stereo microscopes.


The Department of Earth Sciences has a number of lab-specific research-grade Zeiss petrographic microscopes. Please contact Justin Strauss or Mukul Sharma for information about access to these microscopes. 

In addition, the Department has a Macropod Pro and Macropod Core setup by Macroscopic Solutions.

Dartmouth faculty, research associates, students, and staff also have access to the Dartmouth Electron Microscopy Facility, which provides a wide array of analytical tools and instruments.