Fallout RadioNuclide Analytics

This is a gamma spectroscopy lab where we use a suite of fallout radionuclide (FRN) and short-lived radionuclide (SLR) chronometers to understand modern change to atmospheric aerosols, forest ecosystems, physical landscapes, river systems, and the biogeochemical connections among them. Ongoing projects include high-precision measurements of atmospheric wet and dry deposition, chronometry and Hg  biogeochemistry of soils, hillslope erosion in the Arctic, headwater coupling between rivers and hillslopes, reconstruction of lake sedimentation and Hg chronologies, and more.

We are a core community facility, providing high-precision gamma spectroscopy to over 30 collaborators at >20 institutions and agencies in USA, Canada and China.

Fee-for-service: we offer commercial analysis and consulting services, contact Joshua Landis for more information.


Our instruments include five Mirion Broad-Energy intrinsic germanium (BEGe) 3830 gamma detectors, one BEGe5030 detector, and one 3523-well type detector. 

Additional Resources

  • Chemical procedures, sample processing and preparation are performed in the Materials Characterization facility and the Rock Preparation Laboratory.
  • Supplementary measurement of Ra and Th isotopes are performed by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) in the Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory.